Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia entries

Doctor, tell me the news:
             When I started complaining about being out of breath and tired a lot, the doctor told me I had tachycardia meaning my heart beat way too much. I was put under tests and monitoring for one year. Then they finally preformed surgery on me and I was cured.

Guitar not hero:
              I started playing guitar about 3 years ago. I did it because I wanted to play an instrument I found exciting. I still play today and can barely play a song to save my life.

             I am somewhat of a people person. Meaning I can talk on and on with a person and it will be a blast but I don't really like people. What fascinates me is psychology and how the mind and the person works and thinks. I have always had that curiosity and hope to one day be in that field.

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  1. It's interesting that you enjoy talking to people but say you don't like most people. Psychology in certainly an interesting field and it's great that you already have that interest. Good for you for sticking with guitar!