Thursday, March 6, 2014

This I believe

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             This I believe, there is no good and evil. Think about it, with every action or decision you or anyone else in the world has made it wasn't to be purely for good or for evil. My personal belief is that with any action depicted as evil it is viewed as good by someone else. Now there is a moral good and evil but physically and realistically there is no good or evil, there is just action. Once when I was younger someone in my class had made a petition to stop special treatment of someone in my class who had special needs because they didn't have to follow the rules the rest of us had to. I of course being the foolish kid that I was signed it, because at the time it made perfect sense, equality for all. It was "good". Why should one person get special treatment and be able to do things we couldn't because they couldn't learn as well as the rest of us? Half the class also signed it and it was turned into the teacher. It was in meer seconds that her voice boomed in anger and her face was red. She spent the rest of the week showing us that the kid may have gotten some leeway on a few rules but worked just as hard as we did. Throughout the week my perspective of the "good" deed I had done was turned into something "bad" I had done. Looking back at it I am ashamed, I made a foolish mistake that some would view as wrong, immoral, or just evil. This wrong act that I did started out as good for me then shown to be bad. I still believe any act viewed as good or bad by the majority of the populas is in fact just an action. 
         There are so many opinions and different views that counteract any label of good and evil. Hitler was a horrible person he killed many Jewish people and people who didn't agree with his ideas, but during that time many people agreed with him and he believed he was doing good. The same can be said about anyone. Bin laden was protecting his religion in his mind, to Americans and most of the world he was a terrorist, he was a monster, he was "evil" to his followers he was "good". It just goes to show there is no good or evil.


  1. Something I specifically liked was your tone and voice in the podcast. The character in your voice fit in perfectly with your belief.

  2. I liked how you not only made person connection, but you made connections from past history around the world. I thought your essay was great! Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow. I never thought of it that way. That's a very interesting perspective you're perforating with your belief. I like your examples you used, especially hitler, because I think we all agree or think that hitler was a cruel man, but you did show his side; that's what I liked showing what we all of of those people, but you're also showing their side. Great belief!