Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nothing to fear

A time I have felt fear was after I had accidentally shattered my teachers favorite keychain. I was in fifth grade and I had to get back in class to get lunch. The keychain was attached to a key which was in a lock. I remember when I was trying to lock up the key was jammed in the door. I pulled on the keychain with all my might and the key came loose after the chain broke. The teacher was known for having a great temper and I was in a panic. I came clean out of guilt and fixed the chain but I still remember the fear.

Fear is a very powerful feeling. When a person is in a case of extreme fear like a phobia or worse, the person can become delusional and imagine things, like their name being called or seeing something that isn't there. While every person has many fears it is impossible to get rid of the fear but you can suppress it. Just by facing a fear and living it you can get better but part of that fear is still there weather you know it or not.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Q:You are in a supervisory position with power over other individuals. How would you respond to someone who tries to get you fired?

A: if someone was to try to undermine me or try to do that I would prove them wrong and if I needed to get rid of them.

Q: What if that individual wants your position and is in line to get it? How would you punish him/her?

A: I would set them up to fail. If this was a position that I had worked hard for and liked I would just set the other person up to fail. This way I look superior.

Q: If someone enabled the discovery of the traitor, how would you reward that individual, if at all?

A: I think if someone had discovered this, and was correct, I would reward them by promoting them or give some amount of money.